National Symposium on
“Sustainable Management of Livestock and Poultry Diversity for enhancing the Farmers’ Income”

February 8-10, 2018

College of Veterinary & Animal Science, RAJUVAS, Bikaner (Rajasthan)

Invited Lecture

Lead Papers:

Management of Livestock and Poultry Diversity. (Characterization, Evaluation, Inventrization, Conservation)

Participants Title
Dr. Arjava Sharma


Management of AnGR in India
Dr. K. Anil Kumar

Associate Dean, COVAS Mannuthy, Kerala

Risk status and Conservation of Animal Genetic Resources in southern India
Dr. P. Vivekanandan

Executive Director of SEVA, Madurai

Establishing Breed Societies for conservation of livestock
Dr. R.Vinoo

Professor & university Head(AGB), NTR College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram Hyderabad

Scope and potential of lesser known animal genetic resources of Southern India
Dr. Basian Bais

RAJUVAS, Bikaner

Known and lesser known diversity of livestock in Rajasthan state

Improvement of Animal Resources for enhancing Livestock Productivity. (Genomic selection, Reproductive tools)

Participants Title
Dr. P. H. Vataliya and Dr. Nilesh Nayee

Hon. Vice-Chancellor Kamdhenu University, GUJARAT)

Molecular tools for understanding unique attributes of indigenous animal genetic resources of India
Dr. M. S. Chauhan

Director, CIRG, Makhdoom, Farah, Mathura, UP

Use of advanced reproductive technologies for conservation of Indian livestock
Dr. B. Prakash

Director, CIRC, Meerut

Future strategies for managing and improving crossbred cattle in India
Dr. V. K. Saxena

Principal Scientist Central Avian Research Institute Izatnagar

Recent advancement in poultry genetics for meat and egg
Dr. R. S. Kataria

Principal Scientist & Head AB Division, NBAGR, Karnal

Delineating genetic diversity of Indian buffaloes using molecular tools
Dr. P. Kumarasamy

Professor and Head TANUVAS, Madras Veterinary College, Chennai

Use of Bioinformatics for enhancing productivity in Indian Livestock resources

Sustainable Utilisation for indigenous Animal Genetic Resources (Value addition, Marketing, Social, Cultural, Ecological issues)

Participants Title
Dr. K. P. Ramesha

Principal Scientist. Southern Campus of NDRIAdugodi, Bangalore

Indigenous Indian livestock for better human health and environmental security
Dr. Karnail Singh Rissam

Director Extension, SKUAST

Role of livestock and poultry in enhancing farmer income in North Himalayan region of India
Ms. Lata Sharma Kulkarni

BAIF-Central Research Station (CRS), Urulikanchan

Value added marketing of livestock product for enhancing farmers’ income
Dr. R. K. Taggar

Professor & Head, SKUAST-Jammu

Sustainable Utilization of lndigenous Small Ruminant Resources of Northern India
Dr. A. K. Tomar

Director CSWRI, Tonk (Dist) Via-Jaipur Rajasthan

Sustainable management of small ruminants in India
Dr. D. K. Sadana


Cultural and social issues in conservation of Indian livestock
Dr. A. K. Patel

HEAD ARC Bikaner, Arid Region Campus, Bikaner

Scope and prospects of carpet wool production in arid Zon of India
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